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Tooth Replacement for Atlanta, GA

Are you ready to treat your smile with the care and convenience of an experienced team in a local office? Thanks to the experience of Dr. Andrew Currie and our highly skilled restorative team of doctors, you can have your implant treatment completed in one comfortable location, here at Atlanta Dental Spa. In addition to the skills available, Dr. Currie is also one of only 4% of dentists in Georgia who is licensed and trained to administer IV sedation. Depending on the extent of your treatment, your case may even be completed in as little as one day!

Dr. Currie is adept at placing implants for patients while working in tandem with restorative and cosmetic dentists to design and deliver most of the final restorations. Together, they can provide you with a quality dental implant without needing to leave the office. Each and every step is done here in-house, so you can feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire implant process.

Take a look below at some successful cases from Atlanta Dental Spa, and come see us if you’re interested in dental implants.

Broken Tooth Patient

Dr. Currie placed the implant, then a temporary tooth restoration was done by Dr. Creasman the same day.

Prettau Zirconia Hybrid Denture

This is an example of a Prettau Zirconia Hybrid Denture which is one solid piece of white metal that cannot break, chip, or stain. It is more or less invincible and Dr. Currie considers it the “Dentistry of the Future.”

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Most of this rehabilitation was completed in just a few sittings, all at one office with Dr. Currie and Dr. Creasman. Old, failing root canals were removed and replaced with implants while other restorations were updated while the patient slept through the appointments under IV Sedation.

Hybrid Denture

This case was completed over 6 months. Dr Currie placed a total of 15 implants in just a few hours using surgical guides fabricated from cone-beam CT scans. Only Advil was used for pain relief after. Many patients are shocked to find how implant placement generally causes very little pain

LB Case Study

This case is from during Dr. Currie’s residency. The patient has a large, low sinus and crowded bottom teeth with the canine roots angled to occupy the space where an implant should ideally be placed. Because the patient wanted to avoid orthodontics, this is a case where Dr. Currie used a creative approach: Instead of moving her teeth, the implants were placed in the spaces between where teeth belong. Using a “mini-hybrid” approach, this allowed her lower front four teeth to be replaced using two implants.

In this case Dr. Currie treated the patient with a large sinus lift and three implants to replace her missing upper right teeth.

KD Case Study

This case study is of a patient with a broken tooth, in need of a dental implant. Dr. Currie placed this implant the same day which was then restored by Dr. Creasman in the same day. The occlusal post-op photo highlights the restoration.

FS Case Study

This case is important in that a creative approach was taken where Dr. Currie introduced artistry into the dental implant procedure by placing this implant freehand in order to avoid the sinus. Ordinarily this patient would require a sinus graft to be an implant candidate, but with proper planning and thinking outside the box this patient was able to restore all of her missing teeth without the cost, surgery, or increased treatment time of a sinus graft.


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