Introduction To Dental Implants

Dr. Andrew Currie
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introduction to tooth replacementHere at our Atlanta, GA dental practice, we believe that all our patients should be educated about the services we offer, including dental implants. This helps our Atlanta, GA patients better choose the treatments that meet their budget, needs, and oral health goals. Once you have come to the decision to restore your smile and your self-confidence with dental implants, Dr. Currie, and his staff are here to help you. In our first blog offering, we will discuss the installation process and the many wonderful benefits of dental implants from Atlanta Dental Spa.

The Benefits Of Dental Implants From Dr. Currie

When you choose dental implants from Atlanta Dental Spa you gain many exceptional perks. Here are some of the benefits of choosing to restore your smile with dental implants:

  • Sunken facial features are filled in and premature wrinkles around the mouth are reduced.
  • Patients can chew and speak normally once more.
  • Pinching, sores, slipping or movement from dentures is eliminated.
  • Patients gain a durable, stable and permanent tooth.
  • Self-confidence is improved because patients can smile again with natural looking teeth.
  • Bone deterioration in the jaw is reduced and muscles are strengthened from the ability to chew properly once more.
  • Oral health is improved since gaps between teeth that collect bacteria, food particles, and decay are eliminated.
  • Overall health risks are reduced.

Dr. Currie Discusses The Dental Implant Process

Once our patients have made the important decision to fix their lost or damaged teeth at Atlanta Dental Spa, their natural-looking replacement teeth will be made up of three separate parts; the fixture piece, the abutment piece and the crown or replacement tooth. These three parts can be installed in five simple stages at Dr. Currie’s office near Atlanta, GA:

Stage One: Patients will first undergo a comprehensive examination with one of the doctors at Atlanta Dental Spa to access the condition of their oral health, jawbone density, and overall health.

Stage Two: Next, the patient will undergo a small surgical procedure where the artificial root called a fixture is implanted directly and permanently into the jawbone. The patient will then be sent home for the first period of healing.

Stage Three: The third step involves attaching a middle piece called an abutment, to the fixture piece that is attached to the jawbone. Sometimes the tissues have grown around the piece and need to be cut back. After this step, the patient will be send home for another period of healing.

Stage Four: During the fourth stage Dr. Currie will carefully craft the replacement tooth to precisely match the texture, shape and color of your real teeth. This stage is particularly important in ensuring that your smile is natural-looking.

Stage Five: In the final stage, Dr. Currie will carefully connect the crown or artificial tooth to the abutment piece. Once all of the pieces have healed properly, patients can enjoy their amazing new smile!

Come Get Gorgeous Dental Implants In Atlanta, GA

Now is a great time to get started on a beautiful and functional smile with dental implants from Atlanta Dental Spa. However, patients considering dental implant should know the facts before they proceed. Dental implants are one of the more popular tooth replacement treatment options because of their superior look, feel, and function. Want to learn more about dental implants or your financing options in the Atlanta, GA area? Please feel free to check out the rest of our dental implants website or speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members today. Then give us a call to schedule your no-obligation dental implants consultation with Dr. Currie.


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