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Dr. Currie and the staff at Atlanta Dental Spa understand how challenging it can be to fit unexpected dental expenses into a tight budget. For this reason, they will do everything they can to help their patients pay for dental implant treatment. Here is some additional information about the cost of dental implant services and payment options:

Superior Dental Implants at an Affordable Price

As a professional courtesy for our valued patients, the staff at Atlanta Dental Spa will provide you with a written estimate of the total cost for your treatment before we begin any services. The actual cost of dental implants can depend many unique factors including: which provider you select, the number of dental implants you need, the type of dental implant, your insurance benefits, your geographical area and if supplemental procedures are needed.

On average, most dental implants cost between $1,000 and $5,000. However, the first step is scheduling a complete dental implants consultation with Dr. Currie. Once your teeth, mouth, and medical history are examined, we can provide you with a more accurate price estimate.

Payment Methods

Atlanta Dental Spa delivers the finest dental care at the most reasonable prices to our Atlanta patients. As such, payment is due at the time service is rendered unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

For your convenience, we accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, CareCredit, Springstone, Cash, and Checks. We offer cash discounts and even “pay today courtesy” discounts on complex treatment. If you have additional questions, our specially trained treatment coordinators will help guide you through the process of dental financing.


We are not listed providers on any insurance provider lists. Our office will help you to receive maximum ‘out-of-network’ insurance benefits for any treatment. Our team is happy to submit claims for our patients who are then reimbursed by their insurance companies. Atlanta Dental Spa is a fee for service office which means our patients pay for their services on the day the services are provided.

We typically do not know in advance what services (if any) your insurance company will cover and we can only estimate based on what other patients’ insurance companies have done in the past. All insurance companies (as well as the hundreds of different plans within each individual insurance company) vary on what they will or will not cover. As with all medical providers, many times our fees will exceed what your insurance company will pay.

Atlanta Dental Spa works closely with each patient to help them maximize insurance reimbursements. To help us help you, please bring your insurance information to your first office visit so that we can assist you with reimbursement for your dental services. Insurance co-pays should be made when you check in for your appointment. And please remember that you are fully responsible for all fees charged by our office regardless of your insurance plan coverage. Prompt remittance of payment is expected on receipt of invoice for any fees not covered by your insurance.

Other Payment Options

Dr. Currie and his knowledgeable staff have many ways that they can help provide patients with superior services at reasonable costs. For our patients that do not have insurance and are worried about the cost of treatment, we can make arrangements for a monthly payment plan. Sometimes qualified patients can even opt for 0% interest. However, patients need to be aware that all financial arrangements must be discussed prior to beginning any actual procedures at our offices.

Discount Products, Let the Buyer Beware

Patients should always be aware that discount deals which look too good to be true, often are. Cheaper dental implants may seem like a great option in the beginning, but may not measure up when it comes to quality, durability or strength. And while it is true that you can pay less up front for many providers, patients often end up with additional fees for damage, breakage, or replacement.

When you get a quote, please remember that the total fee should include multiple parts of the procedure, as well as installation of the fixture, the cost of the abutment, and the cost of placing the crown. Additional charges for x-rays, anesthetic and other fees may also be included.

High quality, safe and long-lasting implants come at a price that usually depends on a number of factors. However, you can always rest assured that Dr. Currie uses the best quality products with a long history of safe and effective patient treatment.

Finance Your Dental Implants at Atlanta Dental Spa Today

If you live in the Atlanta, GA area and you would like to know more about the cost or financing of dental implants, we are here to help you get the answers you need. Dr. Currie and the amazing staff at Atlanta Dental Spa love to help patients restore self-confidence with beautiful dental implants. Still have questions about the dental implants process,the benefits or financing options? Please feel free to read through the rest of our specially created dental implants website or call one of our helpful staff members now for additional information.

Don’t hesitate, call for your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Currie today. The dental implant professionals at Atlanta Dental Spa are standing by to help you get the smile of your dreams with natural-looking dental implants installed by Dr. Currie. Call us now to get started.


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