How To Choose A Dental Implant Provider

Choosing to restore your smile and your self-confidence with beautiful dental implants may seem like an easy decision.  But finding a qualified and experienced dental implants provider is not so easy. For this reason, the dental implants team at Atlanta Dental Spa compiled this page of important question you should ask when choosing the right dental implants provider in Atlanta, GA for your specific needs.

Is your dental implants provider specially trained to install dental implants?

Dr. Currie and the team at Atlanta Dental Spa are specially trained and qualified to install dental implants. Additionally, as a team, they have completed countless hours of continued education to supplement their dental implant training.

How long has your provider been placing dental implants?

The dental implants team at Atlanta Dental Spa have been placing dental implants in his practice for many combined years.  After all these years, the team prides itself in continuing to learn and challenging the boundaries of their dental implant and dentistry knowledge.

Does your implant specialist use the latest technology to diagnose and treat your specific condition?

Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, we pride ourselves in using the latest technologies for faster and more efficient diagnosis and treatment.  Be sure to ask your chosen provider what services and diagnostic tools they use for dental implant placement and aftercare. If they cannot tell you or have none, then it may be best to find another provider that offers those things.

Does your implant specialist provide testimonials or before and after photos of dental implant patients?

Qualified dental implant providers usually provide testimonials or take photographs of their dental implant patients.  If your dental implant provider cannot provide these then keep looking.

What is the success rate for your dental implant provider?

Success rates for dental implant providers usually run from 98-100% to as low as 85-90%.  Dr. Currie and the team at Atlanta Dental Spa have placed thousands of implants and have a success rate of 95-98 percent.  If you choose our offices for your dental implant treatment, you will get compassionate, effective and skilled service for your individual needs.  You can also rest assured that your dental implant placement will only be initiated if Dr. Currie feels confident that your dental implant placement will be successful.

Please feel free to ask Dr. Currie or his knowledgeable staff any other questions you may have about dental implants or finding the right provider for your needs.

See Atlanta Dental Spa For Your Dental Implant Consultation Today

If you are considering dental implants to replace your missing or damaged teeth, then you will definitely want to take your time finding the right dental implants provider for your needs and oral health goals.  Please feel free to follow the tips provided above to assist in finding the dental implants provider that is right for you.  If you still have questions about financing, the installation process or the benefits of dental implants, please feel free to check out the rest of our dental implants website or call one of our helpful staff members for more information. Then call us today for a dental implants consultation with Dr. Currie.  A stunning new smile could be just a phone call away with Atlanta Dental Spa and dental implants.


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