Our Dental Implant Process

Steps To Your Complete Smile

Our Dental Implant Process

You may have been suffering for years from confidence issues caused by missing or damaged teeth. However, patients today have many great options to restore a beautiful and functional smile. One of these options is the amazing dental implants tooth replacement procedure. In just a few short visits with Dr. Currie, you can restore a beautiful smile and regain your self-confidence. Patients are raving about the exceptional dental implants results they have gotten with Atlanta Dental Spa. Read on to discover for yourself why dental implants are a superior tooth replacement treatment.

The Placement Process At Atlanta Dental Spa

Part of the beauty of dental implants is that they are easily installed in five simple easy stages at our Atlanta, GA offices: 1) examination, 2) installation of a fixture, 3) connecting an abutment, 4) crafting the replacement tooth, and 5) attaching a crown. Depending on your scenario and which tooth is involved, sometimes multiple steps will be completed in the same appointment. In some cases, the implant process from start-to-finish may be as few as three visits (implant consult/placement/healing abutment, impression for the final crown, and delivery of the final crown).

Here is some additional information about the stages involved in installing your natural-looking dental implants:

Stage One: Schedule an examination with Dr. Currie. This examination is necessary so that he can measure your teeth and jawbone. At the same time, he will also evaluate your specific dental needs to determine what the best treatment plan is for you.

Stage Two: During your next appointment, a small incision will be made in your gum line and a titanium fixture will be inserted. The incision will then be sutured and you will be sent home for a period of healing.

Stage Three: The third step involves attaching what is known as a “healing abutment” to the implant fixture. The purpose of this small healing cap is to allow the gums to heal around it as if there were a tooth there. After a few weeks, the gums will be stable and in the correct shape to allow for a final custom abutment and personalized crown to be made so the tooth appears as if it is growing out of the gums naturally.

Stage Four: While, you heal from the attachment of your abutment, Dr. Currie will begin carefully crafting on your new replacement tooth to perfectly match the shape, color and texture of your natural teeth.

Stage Five: The last step in the dental implants process is for Dr. Currie to attach the crown to your abutment piece. Once this piece has been placed, you can enjoy your beautifully restored smile.

How Do I Care For My Dental Implants?

Caring for your dental implants is easy because you care for them just as well as you would care for your natural teeth. And just like with your natural teeth, oral hygiene is necessary to prevent diseases around the implants. With proper home care and regular professional maintenance, you can keep your new teeth for many years beyond other tooth replacement options like dentures.

Call Atlanta Dental Spa For Superior Dental Implants In Atlanta, GA

Are you hiding your smile because of unattractive missing or damaged teeth? If so, there is no reason why you need to hide missing or damaged teeth for one more day. Here at Atlanta Dental Spa, Dr. Currie offers wonderful dental implants that can help fix your damaged smile and your flagging self-confidence. Still have questions about the benefits, what makes a good candidate or financing options for your new and improved smile? Please feel free to peruse our informative dental implants website or call our Atlanta, GA office. One of our friendly staff members would be happy to speak with you or schedule a free dental implants consultation. So come see us now to transform your smile with stunning dental implants from Atlanta Dental Spa!


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